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OptiCon VI: Pictures
OptiCon 6 Pictures

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Wipe0ut (Adam) chugs a can of Mountain Dew with amazing speed.
STFU (Alek) demonstrates his lack of a mouse pad. That was before we forced an Everglide on him.
RastaRocket (Josh) exiting left, STFU pointing at wang in black, and KingKevn (Kevin) stepping over cables.
What good is a large LAN party without caffeine? Here are a few of our cans, arranged in a nice display.
The Stack O' Cans from afar.
STFU in black, KingKevin spectating Wipe0ut.
The server admin, JeDD (Eric) finally gets a rest from his Linux hax0ring with a few games of Q3. We still don't want to know why he's facing his teammate's ass.
From left to right: AdmiralGreg (Greg), RastaRocket, and [SC]CmdrNate with the stylish Loner Ducttape Headphones. These three are members of Team Hensels' Mom.
This rather artistic photo is actually the inside of a bag of chips. The photographer, Augustus, was trying to portray how heavenly chips are.
[SC]CmdrNate pimping is Duct-Tape headphones, which are the infamous loner pair of headphones for those who forget to bring their own.


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