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OptiCon VI: Pictures
OptiCon 6 Pictures

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DoctorDye (James) was getting whupped so badly that he began hyperventilating. At least that's what we'd like to think he's doing in this picture......
KingKevin in the green shirt won his Free For All match. STFU, in black, won the award for falling off the map the most frequently. On the far left, we see Augustus' computer, unmanned and spectating his teammate, KingKevin.
Although OptiCon is mostly Quake, other games are also played. KingKevin and STFU found that both enjoyed the game Tribes, and are seen deathmatching happily in this picture.
Arte (Kyle) playing a duel in RA3, and an absolutely horrible shot of KingKevin doing an impression of a blind beggar whilst messing with Wipe0ut's computer for some reason.
The insides of the LANcube, by Augustus. This Linux-based server ran flawlessly throughout the 14-hour event.
Another artistic photo by Augustus. The photographer captured the words "LANcube owns" perfectly. The motto actually reads "LANcube owns you." It sure does.
Here we see the Rental GeForce which is available for $5 a day during LAN parties, availlable to the players with the crappiest video card. Wipe0ut inserted this magical Asus v6600 into his computer, and went from around 30fps to a whopping 152.
The Computer Problems Group. Back to front: Maphu (Matt) unfortunately had some computer problems. Oto (Ben) also had some, but overcame them and hopefully had a good time. Wipe0ut actually brought his box in pieces, and assembled it during the event. Luckily, it turned out wonderfully, with the addition of the Rental GeForce. We hope to see all three at the next event.
This is the Server Area. Four stout server boxes, the ugly LANcube being the most badass, powered OptiCon 6. JeDD and Augustus made sure the event ran as smoothly as possible.
A closer shot of the four server boxes.


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