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OptiCon 7 Pictures

Click pictures to enlarge

Aug's setup, just powerful enough to IRC.
Just... sad!
Arte's elite setup with his elite 17 inch monitor that was donated to him from Andy who found it on the side of the road. (Arte & CS?)
Wow, Augustus's desk again. Wonder who took the pictures :). And BTW, that can of Wal-Mart brand orange soda was donated by Arte.
This is a picture was taken when Caribe went to the bathroom. OMG A HIS HAND--HOWS HE SUPPOSE TO SHAKE AFTERWARDS?? Was that funny? E-mail me
Here is CMNDRNATE's once elite 700 slot athlon with your choice of 3 mice, 2 mousepads, or a view of either Augustus's or Technique's crotch under the table.
Picture taken of Tek|Gomer's setup. Hmm.. nice. 800mhz Athlon and a nice monitor. THIS IS HARD TO MAKE CAPTIONS FUNNY! E-mail more funny captions.
Picture taken of King Kevin's bad ass E-Monster. (That's an E-Machine that is suppose to be good for gaming. )
Matt wanted an iMac for his birthday so he could do elite |-|aXoRing but instead he got a PC with iMac stickers on it.
Oto playing hockey on his "last minute lan computer". Scrapped together by the Opticon crew.
Here lies the desk of wipe0ut. using a ps2 keyboard and an intellimouse explorer, he fragged his way to third place with the help of many cans of Mountain Dew. (uck!)
Could be cool. :)
No comment
Kevin won this Everglide pad with the Razer logo on it after beating Arte at every board game on the shelve and one round of Mr. Bucket that went into sudden death overtime.
Linksys switch that worked at the Lan Party but later got fried by JeDD and Arte. GG.
JeDD! JeDD! Where's the ANY KEY!?!?
JeDD and Mike both looking at pictures of Nate's Mom.
Gomer, Caribe, Cmndrnate, Arte, and Kevin. Nothing funny about this picture except Caribe laughing it up about his 'Coke' addiction.
Matt: Wow, what a neat Lan Party.
Server1-Aug's Mommy's Computer, Server2-JeDD's Normal Computer, Server3-Lancube1 with a cool reflector.
Two hippies in one picture. Greg singing lyrics from 'Riders on the Storm' , and Wipe0ut showing how it's okay to pick your nose in public.
AHHHHH! Smelly Hippy Derek!