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Opticon News:

07.09.01 I have done small things to the site... Added forums and random images. Lan Party is still TBA! :(

06.17.01 Many of the key members of Opti-Con have developed lives, and thus the site hasn't been updated much. I am planning Opti-Con 8 at a new, empty location with plenty of room, electricity, and air conditioning! Stay tuned for details.

04.19.01 Opti-Con teamed up with X-Corps to have a great LAN at Minnesota State University, with over 40 people participating. There is talk of having X-Corps merge with Opti-Con due to our experience and equipment. News will be posted as it becomes available.

04.03.01 There will be no Opti-Con during Spring Break. There will be another Mankato LAN Party on April 14. Click here for more info

03.30.01 Server is now back up thanks to Some parts of the site may still be down until later.

01.02.01 OptiCon 7 was a success, pictures should be up soon

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