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OptiCon: Photos
OptiCon 6 Pictures

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OptiCon 5 Pictures

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Team 1:

Greg, James, Nate, and Josh
Team 2:

Derek, Kyle, Andy, Kevin, and Eric
Jeremy and Kevin

OptiCon IV Pictures

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Derek's Not-So-Badass Athlon System:
    700 mhz AMD Athlon
    256 MB Mushkin RAM
    40 GB ATA/66 hard drive
    Nvidia GeForce2 MX 3D accelerator card
    Sound Blaster Live!
    6 cooling fans
Team #1:

Nate, Kyle, and Derek (too short to be seen)
Team #1:

Nate, Kyle (not visible), and Derek
Team #2:

James (camping) and Greg (wearing a geeky Quake III hat)
Our snacks!
More snacks!